The story of Mugàn

by Begoña Ibarrola


the jungle of Taimán, the animals had time for everything: time for
work, time to eat, time to sleep, time to play and one
time in which each family of animals gathered and did not eat, nor
they didn't sleep, they didn't play, they didn't work: they only devoted this time to
to be together and to talk about any issue that concerned them or any of them
matter that affected the members of the group.
family of monkeys was very numerous and chief Torunga took care of them all
as if he were a loving father, but he got very angry if any member
of the group did not carry out his orders or if someone wanted to command more than him.
this group included the monkey Miranda and the monkey Tobías, who had two
sons who were called Tumbi and Tumbe. In addition, Mugán was with them
and Ciro, two young monkeys, and a young and orphaned monkey called Carinda.
he knew what he had to do at every moment, but Mugán, when he arrived
when he was having fun, he would sit on a branch
pensive, while his companions jumped, played or hung their heads
down seeing everything upside down.
When they went to bathe in the river, he would stay on the bank watching them having fun and throwing water at each other.
When it came time to eat, Mugán didn't show that he was hungry and the food they offered him was most appetizing.
it was time to work picking fruit and cutting branches or cleaning weeds
herbs in the common area, Mugán was showing tiredness and it was obvious that he wasn't
he worked with enthusiasm.
One afternoon, Chief Torunga brought everyone together in the time dedicated to sharing and talking, and proposed the following:
We don't know what's wrong with you, but we're all worried about you.
You hardly eat, you look tired at work and you do it reluctantly. The
what surprises us the most is that you don't want to play with others or have fun.
We want to know what's wrong with you. Do you want to explain it to us?
Mugán turned red, which is very unusual for a monkey, and said no, shaking his head.
-It is
well - said Torunga - each of us will think of some reason for the
that you can be sad and tomorrow we will meet again to hear the opinion
of all. When you let me know what's wrong with you, we'll find a way to help you. use
does it look good
they replied that it was a good idea and when the time of the
meeting they continued with their daily tasks while thinking about the
possible cause of Mugán's sadness.
The next day in the afternoon the whole group gathered to talk and share. Chief Torunga said:
you know, each of you can tell us why you think that en
Mugán is sad, and as always the youngest member of ours will start
Tumbi straightened up in his seat. He felt very proud to be
the first to speak and for everyone to listen carefully. I knew that
in other animal families it was not so. The little one hardly knows
he didn't ask anything, much less was he asked for his opinion.
- I think that Mugán is sad because he doesn't like this place, he likes where we lived before.

Very good observation, Tumbi - said Torunga. For being so small
you have already realized that sometimes changing the place to live does not
everyone likes it equally. I still remember the mountains where
we lived before, but I also remember hunters and fires. was
very dangerous to continue living in that beautiful place - said Torunga
making a sad face-. And you, Tumbe, what do you think?

I think he is sad because he is not as agile as us. The other
day we laugh at him because he fell from the tree when jumping from one
branch to the other and we called him "clumsy monkey".
it can be a reason - said Torunga - although I think you all know that
each monkey has different abilities. Some are better at jumping, a
others to find food, to warn others of dangers, to others
others cook...Mugán is a magnificent forager of fruits and berries, and
thanks to him we eat these foods that we like so much, isn't it
they nodded and looked at Mugán to see if his face changed
pay him a compliment and speak well of him, but he remained silent without saying
nothing. It seemed that this was not the reason for his sadness.
       Let's see Ciro, give us your opinion.
       - I think that Mugán is sad because he likes Corinda and she doesn't pay attention to him.
The whole group looked at Mugán and then at Corinda. She turned red up to her ears and said nothing.
       And you, Corinda, what do you think?
I think Mugán feels a little lonely and thinks we don't pay attention to him.
The other day he got very angry and said that we never leave him time for
to talk. He's partly right because I talk a lot and so do everyone else
talkative When he starts talking we tend to interrupt him because he is
slower explaining things. Maybe he's sad about it.
Very well Corinda, you yourself have realized how bad it is
can feel someone when they are not listened to respectfully. Yes when Mugán
talk don't leave him, it's only logical that he feels bad.
       And you Miranda, who are like his mother, give us any ideas?
I think he's sad because I don't pay much attention to him and he may think I don't
I love him. As Tumbi and Tumbe are still small, I'm really looking forward to it
of them. Mugán is already old but maybe he needs my attention too
affection I will be waiting for you more, Mugán - he said approaching him and
giving him a kiss.
       Mugán remained silent and downcast.
Tobías, you are like a father to Mugán. You welcomed him very well when he went
come run away from the mountains. What do you think could happen to him?
       i believe
that he is getting older and asking a lot of questions. I don't give them to him
answers and I tell him that when he grows up he will understand everything. Maybe that's it
what he doesn't like
Torunga got up and addressed everyone and thanked them.
You have provided good ideas and I am very grateful. This shows that in
our group every member is important and we all want to help. But me
looks like Mugán needs to talk while we take a walk in the woods.
They all got up and continued with their occupations.
Torunga put his arm around Mugán's shoulders and the two of them started walking towards the forest.
after a while the two appeared again. Torunga, finally, had
discovered what was happening to Mugán and had given him very good advice.
Mugán was smiling again

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