Teia Moner


Magic and Puppets

Ice Tales

Family audience

An extraordinary journey through the North Pole and the South Pole that will make us think about the importance of taking care of the environment so as not to cause more thawing in these paradises.


Family audience

Show inspired by tales of animals living in the Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer and Ecuador. Magic and Puppets. LSC sign language.

In small print

Family audience

It is an interdisciplinary work based on stories by the writer and teacher Jaume Cela: Els nassos del rei. The fat belly. The star who wanted to have a tail. The sky has a problem.



Young and adult audience

A "Nouvelle Magie" show, without words, with tiny characters (hands). The performers perform, manipulation of large devices, comic, musical magic, appearances, disappearances, levitations. 


All audiences

The poetry of the four seasons and the fascination of magic, in a puppet show that invites us to discover how the seasons awaken our senses. Four magicians, gastronomy and Vivaldi’s music make recipes inspired by the changes of the seasonal cycle.

Audience Award 2016-17 Corbera de Llobregat Network Foundation Award


All audiences

Tales that tell us about the universe, written by universal authors such as Gianni Rodari, Umberto Eco, Isaac Asimov, Michael Griejniec and Claude Clement. Lots of puppets and lots of magic.


All audiences

Show inspired by stories by Gianni Rodari. Imagination and creativity. LSC sign language.

Musicals with Puppets

Dream of a summer night

Show not available!

All audiences

Adaptation of William Shakespeare's comedy of the same title. A fun universal classic, with songs, magic and some spectacular puppets.

Red / SGAE Award 2000

What a beast you are!

Show not available!

Adult audience

Comic-musical show with musical numbers, performed by fantastic human-animal beings, inspired by the graphic work of Grandville.

Award for ingenuity and originality 1996

Don't take my number

All audiences

We enter with pleasure and satisfaction into the world of mathematics, through stories full of humor, humanity and poetry.


Cirkus Moner fleas

Family Audience

A wonderful flea circus considered by specialists to be one of the best in the world, made up exclusively of female fleas.

Puppets and Objects


All audiences

La Teia, a cook who knows many recipes, helped by puppets, introduces us to the world of gastronomy. With her peculiar recipe, this friendly and outgoing cook prepares a series of dishes stuffed with fantastic characters.

Telluric Tales

All audiences

A playful approach to the knowledge of cultures and traditions that are unknown to us. A song to tolerance and diversity. Ethnic tales told with different techniques.

Proclamations of Festa Major

Cocktail of emotions

Celebrations of greater celebration

A proclamation tailored to the village, with video mapping, black light, dance, magic, puppets and choral singing.

The Magic of the Senses

Celebrations of greater celebration

A tailor-made speech, collecting some anecdotes and images of the history of the town's festival and made with black light and bunraku techniques.

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