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Puppets are special. The puppet



There are many descriptions of what a puppet is, but they all say the same thing:
  • A doll endowed with words and life, a character who has
    autonomy, is a small being that allows dialogue, with its own character and
    an independent life. (…)
  • A plastic element, specially built to be one
    character in a dramatic action, manipulated by a puppeteer who
    woman voice and movement.
Pilar Amorós and Paco Paricio - Puppets and Puppeteers, Zaragoza - See Ed.2000 p.23
  • A puppet or puppet is a small figure or puppet that
    it is governed in such a way that it seems that its movement is autonomous. Is
    shows in theaters called altarpieces. Its movement is carried out with
    the help of springs, ropes, gloves, wires, sticks and other utensils
    adapted to each type of puppet or puppet.
  • These are small things that find the magic of life, thanks to the intervention of the artist. Maria Reyes - Marionnetisme, Paris, L'Harmattan 2001. pag.11
  • Any object moved in dramatic action.
Ariel Bufano - The man and his shadow, in Theater. Buenos Aires, 13 - 1983, p.10
  • An inanimate figure that is moved by human effort in front of an audience. Bil Baird - The art of the puppet, New York, Macmilla, p.13
  • A puppet can be anything, a cloth, a broom, a
    doll… just need a manipulator to give them life. One
    puppet is the means of communication between a puppeteer and the public.
Department of Puppets of the Theater Institute of the Diputació de Barcelona - 1977
  • Small figures of pasta or other material, dressed and adorned, moving with some rope or artifice. Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language
  • Doll that moves imitating the movements of an animated being.
Dictionary of the Catalan language. Institute of Catalan Studies.
  • A puppet is, in a sense, a moving object, no
    derived, of dramatic interpretation, moved visibly or invisibly
    with the help of any means invented by its manipulator. Her
    use is for a theatrical play.RD Bensky
  • Puppets are objects animated by man and their animation is designed for a show. Alain Recoing
  • Small figure depicting a human or animal, hand-operated by a covered person, making him play a role. Little Robert.
 It is the theater of the object. C.Monestier.

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