My concern for exploration and experimentation between the fusion of different theatrical disciplines makes me contact dancers to add dance to my creative project, and here begins the path of this new group that I direct and produce.

Thanks to training and effort, dancers have also become actors, puppeteers, LSC signers, clowns, magicians and shadow makers.

I am proud of the work we do and at the same time encouraged because we have been recognized in the MAX Awards.

All audiences

It is a work based on the visual poetry of Joan Brossa where dance, magic, objects, black theater, puppets and shadows are mixed. An investigation that leads us to fit everything without losing the meaning that the author wants to convey in each of his works. All this work has the support of the Joan Brossa Foundation.

Finalist Awardss MAX 2018


All audiences

Visual theater show for all audiences with magic, dance, puppets, shadows, black light and circus inspired by the work of American artist Alexander Calder. A creative explosion in motion.

Nominated for MAX Awards 2017

All audiences

According to Paul Klee, "a drawing is a line that goes for a walk."

What a wonderful way to get into your imagination and walk with it.

Dance, magic, object manipulation, clowns, puppets, sign language and black theater have allowed us to explore his work and discover the painter Klee, the musician, the puppeteer, the sculptor, the philosopher and master of the BAUHAUS.

The music was composed by Vassil Lambrinov, a member of BLAUMUT, and played live.

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