On stage and beyond

I was born one spring in the Sant Antoni district of Barcelona, near the Paral·lel. When I'm sick, my grandmother, who had performed at El Molino, sang me couplets and zarzuelas, encouraging me to do duets with her. This small and beautiful memory leaves a mark on me that pushes me, little by little, towards the world of show business.

As a young man I work with children and discover that I like to teach. I realize that I do not want to lose touch with these imaginative beings full of imagination and I connect the two passions of my life: theater and teaching.

Later I do research on emotion management using puppets and I have the privilege of meeting great educators and sharing our experiences. I feel lucky because at the same time I continue to be an actress, magician, puppeteer and clown,  creating shows inspired by my imagination. The two professional loves are nurtured together.

Because I’m a restless ass I collaborate with TVs, artists and big companies discovering a different way to work. Not everyone does everything, not everyone knows everything! it gives me something to think about and around the 90's I incorporate specialized professionals in the company and we are the first small format group for all audiences that works with theater experts.

I like things that give you light, even if the day is cloudy. For me magic is one of them. After a performance I have a thought that will change part of my destiny, Women need a stronger voice in the world of often sexist magic. ”, and I dare to mount a unique event in the world: LADY, International Festival of Magical Ladies.

Despite my growing deafness, I adapt to the situation, take a step forward, and learn sign language to tell stories and incorporate them into my shows. At the same time I start a new project with dancers that I enjoy endlessly: creation and direction of Addaura Visual Theater.

I pour the experience into producing wordless shows that win several awards. I am content to write the scripts of the works, I enjoy writing opinion articles and essays on education. For me writing is a pleasure. The time has come for another challenge: the first novel, "Between Magic".

Thank you grandmother for your medicine that healed my soul and that over the years has led me to be who I am: a brave woman and artist like you.

Now I know my creative mind will never stop cracking.

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