THE WOLF AND THE PIGGY. Improvised tale

This story was improvised by my students and then we wrote it remembering the words the characters said.

To work lies, trust and empathy
There was once a wolf that was very hungry. Then
a piglet appeared. The wolf, seeing the piglet, wanted to eat it.
And a fairy appeared.
FAIRY: Don't eat your piglet!
WOLF: Why?
FAIRY: Because he has to live
WOLF: If it is an animal that is not in danger of extinction.
FAIRY: I'm going for a moment to look for the magic wand.
The wolf ate the piglet and the Fairy returned
FAIRY: Where's the piglet?
WOLF: He's gone!
FAIRY: I think you're fooling me
WOLF: I'm not fooling you
The Fairy did not believe it and threw the wolf into the river. He
wolf who knew how to swim came out of the water quickly.
Then the angry Fairy turned him into a piglet.
FAIRY: How are you feeling now?
WOLF: Gr !! Gr !!
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