The puppets, an open window

II International Conference on Education and Puppets 2010
June 29, 2010

Puppets are a very effective educational tool if we know how to use it
correctly Two years ago we organized the first day. Was
very enriching for both the audience and the speakers. we couldn't
allow it to remain an anecdote. There are more and more people
who carry out experiments and research about the puppets and theirs
therapeutic and educational function. We need to move forward and establish a space
to pool all these learnings and thus evolve as a

This year, continuing with the line that started, we make the
second international day of Education and Puppets.

we have
called "An open window...". Creativity opens, to the
imagination, improvisation...and life. Any educational event
it needs these ingredients to be effective. We cannot educate without
be creative and versatile. We must be able to improvise in any
moment of the educational process to be able to resume learning i
achieve the goals we have set ourselves with flying colours. 
Developing the creativity of educators involves influencing four aspects of thinking:

  • Fluency, which makes us able to generate a large number of ideas or responses to approaches
  • The flexibility that allows us to seek a broader or different vision than what has always been seen
  • The originality that makes us find innovative answers to problems
  • The elaboration that allows us to add details to ideas that already exist by modifying some of their attributes.
creativity is a tool we all have access to and it can be better if
we work on it daily to achieve higher levels in each one
of our students' learning.

As J. Betancourt says:  

creative education is a developing and self-fulfilling education,
in which it is not only valuable to learn the new ones
skills and work strategies, if not also unlearning
of a series of attitudes that at certain times fill us with
"psychological chains" to be creative or allow others to be."

Puppets allow us this creative outburst and we should take advantage of it.
this year
we have some great professionals who will give us conferences where
we will be able to see different areas where the puppet exercises its power
Vecci, from Italy, will tell us about an experience with boys in prison and
in the hospitals of Parma, and Stefano Giunchi also from Italy will deepen
in the use of the glove puppet as a therapeutic tool. Many of us
we use the glove puppet in schools but we know all of them
possibilities that hides its manipulation? 
we count
with teachers and educators from Catalonia who will show us theirs
experiences with puppets. A topic that will be present during the day
it is the project work with puppets in our schools.
There will also be workshops and puppet shows.
set up a program as complete as possible, without leaving anything out
the playful part, since relaxation makes us enjoy all the more

Teia Moner

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