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The construction in Adversity: The theatrical event in a pediatric hospital.(22)
Laura Copello. Actress, puppeteer and teacher at the Provincial School of Theater and Puppets of Rosario. 
“EL ESPACIO DE JUEGO” is a device that is committed to creation, understood as a search for meaning and allows the appearance of an active and dynamic subject in a different position from the subject who is just waiting. This experience is performed in a hospital. It could be said that this space puts time in suspense and allows us to find a different scene for the child and his mother, where children can be represented beyond their pathology and mothers can feel protagonists of the recovery process. of their children. It also relieves nursing work during the day and improves the quality of hospitalization.
Children with the help of specialized adults write a play and perform it with puppets.
All this involves scriptwriting, puppet building, set design and staging.
The proposal has existed since the end of 1992 based on an agreement between the Provincial School of Theater and Puppets No. 5029 and the Faculty of Psychology of the National University of Rosario. 
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