Once upon a time in a distant village, there was an abandoned house. One day, a hot dog looking for shelter, managed to get through the old woods of the door of this house. He
puppy climbed the stairs and entered a room… To his surprise when he entered, he saw that there was
thousand puppies like him… and stared at them, he began to
lift your ears… and the
they did the same… Then he began to move his tail… and the
others replied with the same… He later embroidered them
… As if talking to them… and they repeated the same… He stayed
a lot
surprised, as he left the room, he thought, "What a wonderful place." I will come to visit them more often .. !!! Va
spend a lot of time until another puppy, goes
getting into the house, this one, was agitated and currents went up
to that room.
To his surprise he stood still watching the other thousand puppies watching him. He,
he began to growl, because he felt threatened by the gaze of the
others… These answered him in the same way… Va
start barking, very loudly, more enraged, and the others go
copy the same… Scared,
because he saw that there were many, full of fear, he fled from that place thinking: What an uglier place, I will never return !!!! In the
in front of the house, there was a sign that said: “The house of the 1000
mirrors ”All faces are mirrors, decide which face you will wear
inside and this will be what you will show!
The reflection of your gestures and actions is what you will project in front of others !.
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