The enchanted house


It is said that
A long time ago, in a small and distant village, there was an abandoned house.
One day, one
little dog looking for shelter from the sun, managed to get through a hole in one of them
doors of this house.
The dog goes
slowly climb the old wooden stairs. When he finished climbing he bumped into
a door half open, he slowly entered the room. For its
surprise, he realized that inside this room there were 1,000 other dogs
watching him as intently as he watched them.
the little dog
he began to move his tail and raise his ears little by little. The 1,000 dogs
they did the same. He subsequently smiled and barked happily at them. 

little dog was surprised to see that the 1,000 dogs were also smiling at him and
they barked happily with him. When he left the room he was left thinking
for himself: 

what a place
so nice!. I will come to visit more often!
then another stray dog entered the same place and found himself
entering the same room. But unlike the first, this little dog al
seeing the other 1,000 in the room felt threatened, as they were
looking aggressively. 

Subsequently he began to growl; obviously
he saw how the 1,000 dogs growled at him too. When this little dog goes
leaving the room he thought: 

what a place
so horrible is this! I will never enter again!
on the front
of this house was an old sign that said:
"The House
of the 1,000 mirrors"
you are not
responsible for the face you have, you are responsible for the face you put on.
"All the
faces of the world are mirrors"...
what face you will wear inside and this will be what you will show.

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