The visit to the workshop consists of:

1.  Tour of the exhibitions:

a) Titellas from all over the world

b) Material to work on learning and special educational needs with puppets.

c) Different types of very simple puppets that can then be made in class. NEW!

c) How to manage emotions with puppets. NEW!

2.  Explanation of a story by the company. You can choose between four stories: PATUFET, THE STORY OF DRACOLINO, A PRINCE A BIT OF A RARE or EL GALL QUIRIQUET. NEW!

3.  Explanation and audiovisual of the history of the puppets

4.  Explanation and demonstration of the different manipulation techniques

Wire puppet or marionette, Finger puppet, Glove puppet, Shadows, Mupetts, Bunrakus... 

5.  Manipulation by students of some puppets

6.  Construction of a puppet. Each child takes home a doll. The puppet can be chosen from: MUPPET, GLOVE, TABLE PUPPET or A PROJECT RELATED PUPPET. (in this case, the technique is chosen by us). NEW!


  • The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Ages: from 2 years to 99 years.
  • Recommended activity for: Children's Homes, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Esplais, ESO, High School, Special Education Schools, CAEPS, Training and University Cycles, Nursing Homes.

  • The activities are adapted to the ages and levels of the students.
  • Teachers are given a folder with activities based on the story seen, to work on emotions.
  • Teachers, monitors and companions do not pay.
  • Payment: The 50% when accepting the budget and the rest on the day of the visit.

With the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya


C/ Sant Miquel, 4-6.

08184 Palau-solità and Plegamans. Barcelona Spain  

Tel. 938645834 – 938646075 – 600510639

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