Lecture by Eleni Papageorgiou 2015

Lecture by Eleni Papageorgiou. Greece
V International Conference on Education and Puppets 2015
Lecture by Eleni Papageorgiou

Puppets and emotion
The puppet
it is a very old "being", made by man in the image of a god
it breathes life into its creation. He is endowed with infinite power with a feeling
of omnipotence and immortality. It has a taste of paradise lost. The puppet
is free, transgresses forbidden things, releases words, imagines,
he dreams and acts. We are fascinated by puppets, their movement, and theirs
word possesses us. This "soul mate" gives us absolute confidence
because he is our accomplice in life and in death.
The puppet
it awakens in us the inner child and we share emotions in an environment
reassuring as the game is. Playing is not dangerous, on the contrary, it is a lot
therapeutic. Expressing our perception of the world is vital. Communication with
the others is essential. It's easy to trust our "creature," and
feel emotions. He accompanies us, now we are two, we empathize with our double. In
the group of relationships there is a fabric full of clinging relationships between
puppeteers and puppets. They are weird characters with different personalities.
Our moods are contagious, laughter too, there is synchrony,
a composition of harmony, "knowing how to be together in creation."

puppets are an auxiliary ego for self-realization. Its authenticity us
allows you to build trust with the group.
they reveal what is important to us and their roles guide us to the
our needs and desires. Experiencing emotions is approaching ours
deeper truth. The puppet makes it concrete, reveals it to us.
emotions, played by puppets, help us to adapt and share
different points of view with other people.