The little roe deer


retrieved by Madeleine Lions

Little Roe Deer had fallen asleep at the foot of a tree at the top
of a large rock. It had rained a lot during the night, so much so that the river had
out of its banks and now the rock and the tree were making a small
island in the middle of a large expanse of water. When Little Cabirol leaves
waking up, he was very afraid; but he was a very sensible little roe deer.
"I'm going to remain quietly here, to wait for the water to recede,
he said, since I don't know how to swim and there are many crocodiles in the water. " 

he then began to look around. The sudden surge
it involved all sorts of things: tree branches, and even trunks
of trees on which small animals surprised when they had taken refuge
they slept Suddenly the Little Cabirol saw a large tree trunk
raise your head and head towards him. To his horror he saw two eyes
malevolent to open and look at him. He was the old king of the Crocodiles!“Nyam Nyam!
said the king of the Crocodiles; what a good breakfast I'm going to make: he can't
get away from me! ” Since he was in a good mood, he struck up a conversation. "Look at
what an honor I do you, my dear. You're going to end your life in mine
royal stomach! ” He opened an enormous jaw, with frightful teeth;
you could almost see his open stomach

Little Roe Deer trembled with fear, but he was very brave and very cunning; va
find a way to save time. ”Thank you for your honor,
oh great king, but is food or medicine what you need? Now
hey, I'm bad food, but I'm the best medicine in the world. " The King
of the Crocodiles was very old. He sometimes had a bit of rheumatism and a
convenient medicine wouldn't go wrong... “I need to heal; you will be
my medicine! " he said. "Attention, said the roe deer - what
he reflected quickly: the king seemed very foolish to him! - A medicine
it is not a food, it is necessary to dose it. If you swallow me whole, en
instead of healing you, I'll turn into poison. It is necessary that me
divide and thus you will also be able to heal your subjects”
king was disappointed; he didn't like having to split it, but he left
to say that this would be worth the recognition of his people. ”Well, all right! va
to say." How many are you? Asked the roe deer. The king reflected; no
he had a very good memory. "I think we're 79, and with me, we have to make 80,
right? ”-“ unfortunately, great king, it is not enough. it is necessary
that it is divided into 150 pieces, neither one more nor one less!… ”eat it
immediately! Said a large crocodile that had approached. "Oh, King
do your subjects give you orders now? ” The old king, who was preparing to
eat the roe deer, he remained still. “Surely he wants to see you die
poisoned, while you watch over his health. ” Flattered the king
of the Crocodiles, he asked to go find other crocodiles for
participate in the division. How many? It's hard to tell, especially when
you only have the practice of thinking about yourself. 80, that was it
for sure. How many crocodiles were needed to make 150? Maybe 10, maybe
20… Every time he added one, he saw his piece of roe deer
tighten up... "70 more are needed" said the roe deer. He went to
look for the ones he was missing; the water had turned very green, from so many
crocodiles that were around the rock.
We need
calm and discipline, said the roe deer. I will count them all for
be sure there is none missing. Get in line with the ones behind them
others. When he tells you, your king will partition and you
you will become stronger and more immortal. ” Then, bravely, he
Little Cabirol jumped on the king's back, counting aloud
tall: "One! ” – “one” said all the crocodiles at the same time. “Two! ” said the
Roe deer jumping on the back of another crocodile. "Two! ” they all said
the crocodiles. "Three!" – “three!” – “twenty!” "Twenty!"... "One hundred!" - "one hundred!"…
"One hundred and forty-nine!" – “one hundred and forty nine! ” said the crocodiles. “Hundred
fifty! ” said the roe deer who, jumping from back to back, had
reached the shore. "One hundred and fifty! ” said the crocodiles in unison.
In three jumps, the roe deer had taken refuge on firm ground. "Colla de
drool! Thanks for the service! ”, cried the Little Cabirol who came out
whistling like an arrow without turning around…

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