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Puppets are special. Puppet therapy experiences

Although the subject of the license is the use of puppets as therapy in EE classrooms in regular schools, the material I have found in terms of experiences in other fields is so interesting that I have dedicated a move over. 
Many of the activities with puppets in hospitals, US centers, schools… can serve as a basis for activities in US classrooms, as many of the disorders they talk about are the same ones we find in our classrooms. .
Below I present a series of experiences made by professionals in education, medicine and volunteers, distributed by country and year, starting in 1979, which is when the official congresses of Puppetry and Therapy began, until in 2007.

The work is usually done in a team and sometimes the groups are multidisciplinary and are made up of psychologists, psychiatrists, health professionals, social educators and puppeteers.  There are probably more experiences around the world, but these are the ones that are published. 

In Catalonia and the rest of Spain there are no publications on the subject and in this sense this work will fill an important gap. 

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