The English specialist and I (Special Education Specialist) have prepared Patufet's story in English with four 6th grade students, which is TINY TOM. We used puppets inspired by the drawings of Pilarín Bayés. We did a weekly session for seven months. The activities were done in English and some in Catalan. Thanks to this experience we have made a very enriching cooperative work for teachers and students. We also worked on emotional education and values. We answered these questions and questioned our relationships.

1.        How is Patufet? In what is
unlike the others? How does it look like the others? 

2.        How do you think Patufet feels when he
they say you can't go shopping?

3.        You know someone who is different from others
? What's the difference?

4.         Do you feel different from others? In what?

5.         Do you think that we are all equal? Because?

6.         It’s better to be all the same or it’s better to be
all different? Because ?
7.         If you were in Patufet, how would you convince a
your mother to go out shopping.
Here you can see a video of the final performance:

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