Little Red Riding Hood by Gianni Rodari

Little Hood
Red by Gianni Rodari
AVI - Hi
there was once a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood.
GIRL - No,
AVI - Ah !,
Yes, Little Red Riding Hood. Her mother called her and said, “Listen
Little Green Hood… ”
GIRL - What
no, Red!
AVI - Ah !,
Yes, Red. “Go to Aunt Diomira's house to wear this skin of
potatoes. ”
"Go to Grandma's house and get this cake."
AVI - Okay.
The girl went to the forest and found a giraffe.
GIRL - Which one
mess! He found the wolf, not a giraffe.
the wolf asked him, "How many are six by eight?"
GIRL - What
go! The wolf asked, "Where are you going?"
AVI - You've got
reason. And Little Red Riding Hood replied
GIRL - It was
Little Red Riding Hood, Red, Red!
AVI - Yes
and he replied, "I'm going to the market to buy tomato sauce."
GIRL - What
va !: “I'm going to my grandmother's house, who is ill, but I don't remember
way ”.
Exactly. And the horse said
GIRL- Which one
horse? He was a wolf
AVI - Is
clear. And he said: “Take the tram number seventy-five, get off at the Plaza de
the Cathedral, turn right, and you will find three steps and a coin on the ground.
leave the three steps, pick up the coin and buy yourself some chewing gum ”.
GIRL - You
you can't tell stories at all, grandpa. You tangle them all. But it doesn't matter, me
do you buy chewing gum?
AVI - Good:
take the coin.
And Grandpa kept reading the newspaper.
1. What if you had to remember a story that makes
time did they tell you? Tell a story and take the test. What happened to you ?
2. What would happen if… when explaining you did not remember certain
 3. What if… instead of explaining you feel like it
to invent?
 4. Reread the story and point out what it is
they remain intact and what the author’s contributions are.
5. Hi
there are things that make you laugh at each other, no. Humor is an issue
very particular. There are some details of this version of Little Red Riding Hood that you
be funny. Explain it.
 6. Why do you think Grandpa doesn't remember explaining it?
7. Take any story and reinvent it

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