III International Conference on Education and Puppets. Experiences and materials.

Palau School special education classroom.

Cohesion of a class group

Characteristics of the group
They are a very busy group. Many conflicts and there is a lack of respect between them and sometimes with the teachers. Impossible to carry out small group activities without any conflict. The tutor has asked for help. Puppet technique: Bunraku: It is a type of puppet that is manipulated by two, three, four people. They have to agree and go all at once.
What color of paper do we take to make it?
Each group (2,3 or 4 students) has managed the possible solutions:
  • By votingó
  • First make a puppet d'a color and afteriss we will do with another
  • Luckily


Buildïm the puppet:
First we wrinkle and we “unscrew” the paper, it is done first one by one però desprisss'together    the students in each group and among them have put a lot of pressure on the role with
their bodies.
Hereí we have seen which students were miss distant, which miss relaxed….
We have seen puppets that s'opençaven, sticking puppets, lonely puppets, puppets looking for contact and not finding it…
Però when they are finished'ls saw them satisfied and eager d'another sexó. Això it has served us teachers to reflect throughiss of the actions of the puppets
about students' emotions, 
for example: 
  • Whyand this puppet iss aggressive? 
  • Who carries the singing voice in the manipulationó ? 
  • The two or three manipulators són aggressive?
  • Which d'they issmiss tolerant?

Every situationó has permands analyze the spontaneous behaviors of students.






  • Individual, playful and relaxing concentration session.
  • Paint a mandala-butterfly puppet, individually. Background music and silence.
  • It is a magical puppet, which is held with the tip of a pencil and requires a lot of concentration and balance.
  • As it is finished the students get up and walk around the class manipulating the butterfly in silence.
  • When they were all done we lined up in the hallway, each with their butterfly and headed to the Kindergarten classes to teach them the magic butterflies.
  • Difficulty: Maintaining balance, concentration and distance with what we face.
  • If we get distracted and the butterfly falls we harm those who come after us because when we stop, everyone stops and the butterfly can also fall.


This exercise serves to reflect:

  1. Any action we take provokes a reaction in others.
  2. Any emotion we have of one causes the emotion of the other.



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