Short stories. The legend of St. George

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Short stories. The legend of St. George
NARRATOR:Legend has it that in medieval times, the inhabitants of a region were very frightened because a horrible monster, a fierce and terrible dragon, lived very close to the population.
The fearsome dragon crunched whole flocks, destroyed crops, burned forests and devoured all the people it caught clueless in the middle of the forest or on the roads. The inhabitants of that region lived in constant fear. So much so that one day the king thought long and hard and found a solution.
KING:Come on, please come on, come closer…
Dear villagers! The only way the dragon will leave us alone is to have food every day. So every morning we will bring you fresh teak, that is, one person.
VILLAGE 1:It can not be!
VILLAGE 2:It is impossible!
KING:Surely, if the monster gets crowded at breakfast, we can rest easy for the rest of the day.
VILATANS:Very good idea! Very good idea!
VILLAGE 1:What a clever king!
VILLAGE 2:How clever!
VILLAGE 3:Our king is a great thinker !!
VILLAGE 1:Very good, very good!
VILATANS:Long live the King, long live our King !!!
KING:We will start tomorrow! Let's see… Any volunteers?
(the villagers disappear)
KING:Any volunteers?
Very well, Seeing the predisposition we will do it by lot!
NARRATOR:This draw was made by putting all the names of the villagers inside a box and the king took it without looking. Every day a villager marched to the dragon's lair.
You see a forest and the villagers walk one by one, and enter the dragon's lair.
But one day it happened to the King's daughter, the Princess. 
KING: The Princess !!
It is not possible! Are you sure you haven't cheated?
I need a hero to kill the dragon,
i can't send my daughter.
(takes out his cell phone and calls Superman's answering machine)
(makes another call)
(Hercules comes out, on one side)
HERCULES: Yes! The strongest!
KING: Could you kill a dragon?
HERCULES: I don’t work with dragons! (leaves)
KING:(call back)James Bond?
(James Bond appears)
JAMES BOND: Bond, James Bond!
KING:Could you kill a dragon?
JAMES BOND: Is this dragon a spy?
JAMES BOND: Do you have Russian contacts?
JAMES BOND: What a shame, I don’t care!
KING: I have no hero on hand.I'll have to send the girl !.
(calls daughter).Queen, queen, I mean, princess!
(Princess appears)
PRINCESS: What do you want, my father?
KING:I have to let you know it's your turn to go to the dragon's lair!
PRINCESS:But, I’m your daughter, I can’t go there!
KING:But you are a villager, and you enter the draw!
PRINCESS:(Crying)Alas, stop, what a fear! 
NARRATOR: And the frightened princess walked towards the forest,
where the dragon lived. 
The Dragon appears and dances.
The princess appears walking through the forest.
The Dragon chases her to catch her and the Princess runs. 
DRAC: Ha, ha, ha, here's a breakfast!
PRINCESS: Alas, alas, what fear!
DRAC: Don't run, I'll catch you!
PRINCESS: Alas, alas, what fear!
DRAC: How hungry you make me come!
PRINCESS: Alas, alas, what fear!
(Sant Jordi appears)
SAINT GEORGE: I'm already here, dear princess,
to save you from the hungry beast!
DRAC: And who are you?
SAINT GEORGE: I am St. George the well-born,
That with my sword and my shield,
From the Far East I now come
Where I killed Moors, twenty-five !.
DRAC: What a fear you make me!
SAINT GEORGE: Ah yes? Fera maligne,
Get ready to die
That for your crimes you have become worthy
what a nail!
On guard !, ugly dragon!
I'm not afraid of you
Because I know you’re a cardboard tiger!
Saint George and the Dragon fight.
Saint George kills the dragon, and a rose emerges from the wound.
Saint George gives the flower to the princess. 
NARRATOR:Clever troubadours, rhapsodists and minstrels,
they recounted the death of the dragon everywhere.
The great event spread throughout the land
and no one ever forgot him again.
Lots of books were written telling the story
and as a sign of love they have since been given away.
And here ends this story.
Save it all in memory.
Because Sant Jordi, which the shield wields,
is the patron saint of Catalonia! 
The recording of the CD that accompanies this story is made by Miquel Espinosa.
Voices: 3rd year ESO students from IES Ramon Casas i Carbó in Palau-solità i Plegamans and Teia Moner - 2005

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