Pau goes to the market

I International Education and Puppet Day 2008
Pau goes to the market  Speech therapy intervention with puppets. Cristina Bertran
Carrilet School of Barcelona. 
Recipients: 3 children between 8 and 10 years with autism and psychosis.
Characteristics of the group
  • Understanding: understanding uncomplicated commands
  • Expression: omission of elements within the sentence
  • Use: they need action slogans, they imitate the actions of others
Main need in the field of speech therapy: Facilitate, promote, improve and enhance communication and relationships.
Objectives to work on

General objectives:
  • Encourage communication through the use of the puppet.
Specific objectives:
  • Use language to make demands
  • Learn to respect word turns
  • Ask for and show things
  • Develop social communication activities
  • Get used to listening, looking at classmates in communicative situations and showing interest
  • Encourage independence for everyday activities.
Description of the activity: PEACE GOES TO THE MARKET
  • Theme: shopping
  • Story represented by 3 puppets where each one serves to stage the proposed objectives
    • Puppet seller
    • Buyer puppet
    • Sea puppet
  • Each child plays the role of a puppet that will rotate throughout each session
  • 3 puppetsCount: with visual and written support Shopping lists: with visual and written supportTheatre / stallMurret, shopping basket and money
Activity methodology
  • Introduction to the activity
  • Representation of the story with the puppets by the adult
  • Questions to the children to check if the story has been understood: feedback
  • Second representation of the story with the puppets by the adult
  • manipulation of puppets and material by children
Completion of the activity
  • The students: well received, active and eager to manipulate the puppets
  • Effort and motivation to reproduce the assigned role
  • Introduction of new learning from this center of interest
 Cristina Bertran


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