Presentation of the 2012 Conference

III International Conference on Education and Puppets 2012
Presentation of the day
I am so excited to meet you again
to learn, to teach and to share, all that is needed about the
use of puppets in education and therapy.
This year the central theme is emotions.
In a world so complex and sometimes so insensitive that it even hurts us
we need to learn to manage our emotions in an intelligent way and
help people who need it to do so. Simply put, this implies
two essential goals: to be happy, and to make people happy that we are
An excellent resource that can help us
to achieve this are the puppets.
The puppets intervene decisively as
mediators of emotions and as natural communicators. The direct connection
with the user explains its effectiveness in emotional education.
Its communicative role as a sender,
receiver and channeler, makes it an element capable of expressing the
It can be used as a mediating object for
regulate one's own emotions and understand those of others. Being an instrument
expressive that it is deprived of threats, allows a freer manifestation
of these.
The intimate bond with the puppet as
prolongation of the individual himself, fosters in the child or adult a feeling of
confidence, thanks to him we can get closer or away from the stimuli that
they generate negative or positive emotions without any danger of the self.
Puppets also help us understand
because one can experience opposite emotions in front of oneself
situation and reflect on this fact.
Although I always work with puppets
it is a time of play and fun, we cannot forget that above all it is a space
of learning and most importantly self-learning. 
Nor can we set aside the emotions that
they awaken us as spectators
puppet shows.
And to finish I tell you to be happy in
this day, we with a lot
we are excited to put everything at your disposal to try it !!
Teia Moner

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