Richard Bouchard Conference 2015

V International Conference on Education and Puppets 2015
Lecture by Richard Bouchard. Quebec. Canada.

From shadow to color; the puppet, a
emotional support.
ENAM with its alternative mental health program
has been working on the creation of puppet shows with patients for many years
living with mental problems. Its program aims to allow
the social reintegration into society of these extremely vulnerable people.
In the activities developed in its program
of intervention is the use of puppets to explain. ENAM uses
the world of puppets with their patients. These puppets become
an effective tool in the intervention and in a double of themselves. It is also
it becomes the emotional support that absorbs the suffering of the person who
he creates it, which gives it life and places it in a story that he himself has
“Playing one's own role in a play makes that role
be an important function in the development and outcome of history. It is the insertion of its social role in relation to society as a whole.  To reclaim
from his own role he has to experience it from the outside by projecting it. On these
At times there is a transference and you learn to look without emotional judgments. ”
In this lecture, I will present a short video
created by filmmaker and photographer Alain Corneau and the testimony of Nadia Côté, a
participating in the ENAM program. 
Hi, my name is Nadia Côté, and I'm going to share
with you my journey of life.
Everyone remembers the events of September 11th
2001, the fall of the two towers of the World Trade Center. For me, it was the
my head that sank. The foundations of my life collapsed
under my feet until 12 years later when I met an angel going to me
give hope.
Between these two events, I lived the
worst years of my life.
He constantly lived on a roller coaster of emotions:
fear seized me, pain, anger, despair and screams
alert. For the first time in my life, I felt anxiety, anguish,
isolation and multiple hospitalizations and mental health treatments that
they were trying to help me out and acquire tools to repair my brain that
he was completely shot. Not to mention my 12-year follow-up with the
my psychiatrist who was working with me.
But the worst part was that those around me had
changed his gaze to me. Of being a mother, a businesswoman and the pride of mine
parents, I became "crazy", less than anything, they looked at me with
contempt and I ended up stigmatizing myself.
On February 14, 2008, the placement of mine
my two and a half year old daughter in foster care ended up sinking me. The
little hope I had left went with my daughter.
I was automatically labeled “unfit to have
take care of your daughter ”.
So, in mid-September 2012, I met
my angel and he told me about ENAM. A little surprised, I asked
that how it was that for 12 years that I have been mentally treated, I never had
heard about ENAM. I needed to get out of the isolation and the environment
negative that surrounded me. I was invited to visit the school. I accepted the
invitation and I embarked on this new adventure. My heart knew that
there was the path of my life and that gave me hope for a new one
beginning. This place allowed me to be who I am, and work on myself to get there
to manage my emotions.
It’s been 18 months since I had the chance
of working on the ENAM program, a place where I found meaning in mine
life. With so many activities out there, I found a way to make a living
routine. It helped me to see my strengths and find out who I was.
It also helped me find my identity and gave me confidence. Like this
I regained my self-esteem and a mother I had completely lost.
ENAM not only helped me, but also helped my two
daughters to recover their mother.
ENAM is also a place for me to meet
people I feel very attached to and who help me keep up: Mr. Bernard, el
my angel, Carl my shepherd and Christina my little shepherdess.  I am very proud to have worked with you
them and I have seen how I have evolved since my arrival at the center.
Today my life is so much easier. I continue mine
learning at ENAM, and I continue to follow up with my doctor. A
moreover, I am now going to do a study on psychoeducation in
limit personality to continue reinforcing my knowledge. Now I see one
very positive future. I feel like a useful person to society.

Video text: The technique according to Pierre, Steeve
and Sylvie.
See on the Internet: fabrique culturelle.
The color of the shadows. 5 short videos of 5
Pierre: Salvation through art. When it is created, sometimes the thoughts
morbid are magnified. When it is created, it becomes an activity that satisfies the ego and
which satisfies the need to be useful.
Steeve: Instead of stopping a crisis with medication, this has allowed me to get out
it was all I had left over with the characters, with the puppets. In the
manufacturing… giving a name, an identity
Pierre: Art is useful in the
society. Here we are together to perform a common task,
and useful work. Because it’s no joke to come here, to do what we’re doing, it is
useful for our mental well-being and for our mental health.
Steeve: ENAM, when I got here I thought it was ridiculous to use
a puppet to express himself. By virtue of seeing others dazzled when they do
they did well… I got stuck in the car… It's been a while since people of
the team realized before me the things I was capable of doing. Jo
he thought he would not be able to do so.
Sylvie: I found that it was able to work. I was confined to one
small bubble. Let me see! Can I do it myself? I'm happy with myself!
Yes I can! I have never controlled my holy life! She was illiterate and had
reading and writing difficulties. But with ENAM… it seems like magic. I
you realize: Hey! I did things! They helped me, Paula helped me a lot and
wow! I got a good story! This year I made my own
history. I was proud of myself! He had never done anything right!
This allowed me to open my eyes. After showing what was really there
in me and not hiding behind a wall… He allowed me to stop the medication. Take it
eleven different medications a day.
Pierre: I think mental health is too much to do with chemistry… That's it
limited! I know that, as in the US elsewhere, therapies are done. In Canada
there are also, but it is considered too expensive, too expensive… So they fill us up
of chemistry and only manage to put evil to sleep, in my opinion.
Steeve: At closing times… is the puppet that allowed me to pull out
what he felt. At times I wondered: Haig
to stop Do I have to continue? The puppet allowed me to get all this out! Because a
sometimes I went to work, frustrated… but in the afternoon, that feeling had
gone …
Sylvie: Your pain seems to be expressed in other things. When you are
closed and you are not able to express yourself through your mouth, you can
express yourself with the play, drawing or painting. (hits the
bed)  That's it for me!
Steeve: The puppets are in the room, spinning… for me, it's the pain of
everyone… everyone has taken it all out. It's like, the trophy…, the experiences that
they are able to get out of the person. It's like I say, Ah! I managed
to get out of drugs and I made an alcoholic or drug addict character who has
stayed there. It's not in me now. He stayed in the puppet.