How to work the tenacity, perseverance, perseverance, and patience
Four intertwined values that have lost weight and are fundamental in the construction of one's personality and in the intellectual and emotional balance.

The immediacy, the constant rush, the dizzying speed in which we all live together has invaded families and school. 
Popular wisdom, however, warns us against this rush, this direct act without reflection. In order for things to be well done and solid, they must be done with the care, time, and effort required by the words that are written in the beginning.

Theatrical script for puppets

NARRATOR 1:     As every year, Joan spent his holidays in the village. He liked to play ball One afternoon, he asked his father if he wanted to play with him.

JOAN:                       Dad, are you kidding me?

STOP:                       No, Joan, I can't. I'm very busy

JOAN:                        And you can't leave it for tomorrow?

STOP:               No, Joan, the job is done. I'll fix the roof first and then we'll play. Sounds like a lie! Don't you know the story of the three little pigs?

JOAN:                       What three piglets?

NARRATOR 2:       Once upon a time, there were three piglet brothers who lived on a farm.

One day they decided to go on an adventure.

After walking and walking, the three little pigs arrived at the  most beautiful village they had ever seen.

PIGGY 1:           Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! How nice!

PIGGY 2:           We can stay and live here.
PIGGY 3:           Now we just need a house. I have an idea: we can buy bricks and make a house to live together.
PIGGY 1:         I don't feel like it. The bricks weigh too much. I will take reeds and straw and make myself a house.
PIGGY 2:          I don’t want to work either. I will gather branches and make a wooden house.   
NARRATOR 3:     The youngest of the three took straw from a haystack and at one point made a small straw hut.
(PIG 2 makes a thatched house)
NARRATOR 1:      The medium grabbed a few branches and, in no time, a wooden hut was finished.  
(PIG 3 makes a wooden house)

NARRATOR 2:       The older one, on the other hand, got to work hard. 
                                    He kept bringing bricks up and down and little by little he was building a very solid house with a very strong roof capable of withstanding rain and snow.
(PIG 1 makes a brick house)  

Suddenly, a terrible howl broke the silence.

WOLF:                        Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!

It smells like fresh meat!

(approaches the straw house)

WOLF:                         Ha, ha, ha. I will blow and the thatched house will fly!

(The wolf catches air, blows and the house disappears. The PIG 2 that was inside runs to the wooden house)              

(the wolf approaches the wooden hut).

WOLF:                         Ha, ha, ha. I will blow and the wooden house will fly!

(The wolf catches air, blows and the house flies away. The PIG 2 and 3 that were inside run towards the brick house)             

(the wolf approaches the brick house).

WOLF:                         Ha, ha, ha. I will blow and the house will fly!
(The wolf catches air, blows and the house doesn't move. He tries several times. It even makes the moon disappear)
NARRATOR 3:       The wolf was very angry. And he thought he had no choice but to go inside the house. And the best way was to fall down the chimney as if it were Santa Claus.
PIGGY 2:           How scary!
PIGGY 3:           It will eat us all!
PIGGY 1:            Don't worry. I will light a fire and it will be well roasted:
(light a fire in the fireplace)
(the wolf falls into the flames and burns his ass)
WOLF:                         Ahhhhhhh !!!! What a cream !!
(comes out screaming and the piglets start laughing)
STOP:                         … And none of the three little pigs ever saw him again.  
He's roasted his ass so much that he still has to sit on his side.
JOAN:                       And they never saw him again?
STOP:                   No, the wolf was so reprimanded that he lost his temper.
So what do we do, play or work?
JOAN:                       We will finish the roof first. And I will help you! 



1. At what times have we been impatient and why?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of impatience in these situations?
3. At what times have we been patient?

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of patience in these situations?
5. We do a puppet improvisation in which one character is impatient in one situation and another is patient. We then discuss with the students how each of the protagonist puppets and the other puppets who live the situation feel.
- Two brother puppets want to go to the movies and his mother tells him to wait until he finishes preparing dinner…

6. We make a list of priorities in our life. We agree? Does this order benefit us?
8. What is perseverance? What is tenacity?
9. Are we persevering? Are we tenacious?
10. How can being so help us?
11. Explain a situation in which you are constant. 
12. Why do we need to be consistent?

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