Work on the buf

II International Conference on Education and Puppets 2010

Construction workshop: Fish Puppet (Work on the puff)

from this puppet a series of activities can be carried out
respiratory gymnastics by sniffing so that children have
good control of this function so important for a correct

  • Discover the possibilities of the buf:
    • We can play to see what happens when we blow several things with the fish: a  Air, Against Objects, Papers, Into Water,…
  • Discovery of the intensity of the blow:
    • We open our hands and place them in front of the fish. We are going to blow very hard, very hard. Do you notice the wind on your hands?
    • Now let’s blow very soft, very soft. Do you notice the soft air on your hands?
    • Now let’s blow hard and loose.
    • With a container of water we can try to blow hard and loose.
    • If we add soap we can try to make bubbles. What if we blow hard? What if we blow lightly?
  • Discovery of the position of the lips in the puff:
    • Let's blow it up and down.
    • We can
      explain to the children that we are going to blow by removing the lower lip and
      putting it on top. So, great! What happens now?
  • Discovery of the force of the blow:
    • A
      through the fish we are going to blow papers. We put the children in front
      of a table with his hands behind his back. Papers are placed on the table
      scattered. At a signal, each child blows the papers until he or she leaves
      the clean table.
  • Discover the rhythm of the buf:
    • By making soap bubbles we can play to see who holds the bubble longer in the mouth of the fish.
    • And now, let's see who makes the most bubbles?
  • Discovery of the directionality of the buf:
    • By making soap bubbles, we can try to keep them from falling to the ground by blowing them up. Let's see who gets it !! 

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